Every person has a story of how things came to be...

bioIn the year 1995, as to my surprise, I found myself dropped in the sign industry. ..over the years I realized this was exactly where I was meant to be.  This industry does not wait and is always changing, the challenges of making things work and the pressure of meeting timelines which seems impossible …I make it possible!  I have surrounded myself with amazing people that are the best at what they specialize in and carry a strong work ethic.   The end goal for me, with any project, is a customer that is happy, knowing that no matter what the task…I will accomplish it and it will be better then they expected!

In 1995 I started working at Signs On The Go.    I was fortunate enough because it was a small company, to get a feel for all elements of a project from start to finish.  I could not find one division that I enjoyed enough to simply choose, so after 4 years, I bought that company.  Being the boss suited me and I had full control of making the impossible …possible!

I began working with some great people and learned a lot from mentors such as ,  Mickey MacDonald  of Chickenburger/Micco Companies,  Norsat  Elighli of Alumitech, and Robert Mattatall of Mattatall Signs the work ethic of these men and knowledge of life was inspiring and provided me the opportunity to start in the right direction.   I will be forever grateful for  the  head start into the business world…humbling thank you!

In 2004, unfortunately I was forced to take a 2 year break, Cancer decided it was the boss for a bit.  I was down  but never out…came back stronger …  JAC  (Justaddcolor) was born.   This company is the best  of me….   I am in this business because I love it and because of the people that choose me to be in their corner.

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