brandingIn its most simple expression, a brand is an idea. It can’t be touched or placed on a shelf, but it can be felt, often with great intensity and emotion. A brand can be brought to life in many ways including by the people who must bridge the gap between brand promise and brand delivery every day in hundreds, thousands, and even millions of human interactions. A brand can also be made manifest with trade dress, packaging, advertising, digital applications, social media and a multitude of ever expanding and transforming experiential touch points along the customer journey.

Like ideas, some brands are shallow and ill-defined. Lacking in depth and insight, these brands may create a short term flash, but rarely stand the test of time. Brands can also be so complex and laden with organizational baggage, that they defy understanding.

Based on our research and observations in the past decade and client engagements, i know that these power brands reside within what we refer to as the Opportunity Zone. This is where the optimum balance of rational and emotional appeals come together elegantly in a strategic framework to influence the thought of people who matter to that brand, and motivate a desired behavior. A near universal characteristic of these brands is that they are informed by deep, immersive analysis yet inspired by creative thinking. In other words, Opportunity Zone is a place where magic and substance rule.

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